Our Billing & Payment Policy

Updated September 1st, 2023

1. Payment Terms

1.1 Invoice Generation: Invoices will be generated on a bi-monthly basis (2 times per month)and sent to the client’s provided email address via our invoicing system, QuickBooks. When entering into a project with a duration exceeding our billing cycle, we will establish a prearranged payment plan in advance. Alternatively, billing will be based on the hours completed during the preceding weeks. Exception:Clients enrolled in Talk-it-up Media’s monthly social media management plan are billed on or shortly after the first of each month to align with our scheduling process.

1.2 Due Date: Payment is due within 15 days from the date of the invoice. Exception: Clients participating in Talk-it-up Media’s monthly social media management plan are provided with a 30-day window to settle their invoice.

2. Payment Methods

2.1 Accepted Payment Methods: We accept payments via credit/debit cards through QuickBooks (a link is always provided), etransfer and direct bank transfers (kindly inquirie for such information.).

2.2 Currency: All payments are to be made in CAD.

3. Late Payments

3.1 Late Fees: Contracts necessitating a signature indicating agreement to late fees will be enforced if payments consistently exceed the due date.

3.2 Payment Plans: In cases of financial difficulty, clients may request a payment plan. Approval is at the discretion of Talk-it-up Media.

4. Disputes

4.1 Dispute Resolution: Any disputes regarding billing must be communicated in writing within 7 days of receiving the invoice.

4.2 Resolution Process: Upon receiving a written dispute, Talk-it-up Media will conduct an initial review of the matter and contact the client within 3 days to acknowledge the dispute. A thorough investigation will be conducted to gather all relevant information and documentation. Talk-it-up Media will present a proposed resolution to the client within 5 business days of receiving the dispute. The client will then have 5 business days to respond to the proposed resolution. If an agreement cannot be reached, Talk-it-up Media will make a final decision regarding the dispute. The client will be promptly notified of the final decision.

5. Cancellation Policy

5.1 Cancellation Notice: If there is a need to cancel requested services, we kindly request immediate notification. The client will be responsible for any work that has already been completed.

6. Taxes

6.1 Taxation: Prices listed are exclusive of all applicable taxes, which will be charged as required by law.

7. Confidentiality

7.1 Confidentiality: All financial information, including but not limited to invoices and payment records, will be kept strictly confidential.

8. Changes to Billing Policy

8.1 Policy Updates: Talk-it-up Media reserves the right to update this billing policy as needed.